Is Moore’s Law Dead?

Wherever you stand, Moore’s Law is drawing to an end. Veevx is providing its customers new technology to meet market demands.

The New Paradigm is the Chiplet


Double Your Memory

2X to 3X memory in same area as SRAM in same process nodes. More memory gives your products higher performance.


Replace LLC SRAM

We allow customers to integrate both Flash and SRAM functions into one single memory device – way more cost effective.


Longer Battery Life

Ultra low power extends product runtime on batteries by up to 3X with ultra low power for read/writes and deep sleep.

Replacing SRAM and Flash.

Our Story

After spearheading 25 years of innovation at Motorola SPS and Broadcom, we saw an inflection point in the silicon memory market. The Flash and SRAM solutions of old, could not scale to meet the increasing demands of customers. Veevx was brought to life and through proprietary design and development, has overcome standard MRAM performance deficiencies to replace both nonvolatile and static memories. Veevx has revolutionized MRAM chiplets to provide customers with low power, high endurance, high density memory with fast read and write access. Ideal for emerging AI applications.

Our Team

Dana McCarty


Doug Smith

CEO and Brain Trust

Michael Civiello


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